Whitepaper: PSD2 – Banking on the Customer to Make Open Banking a Success

Compliance can be a burden, no doubt about it. With ever-increasing regulation, banks need to ensure the agenda set by regulators will not be lost in a mere compliance exercise, but will concurrently enable customers to enjoy the flexibility, simplicity, and security they both need and demand. This InAuth Whitepaper elaborates on the criteria of […]

Whitepaper: Protecting Emerging Payments Technologies: New Ways to Pay Require New Ways to Secure

With mobile commerce growing exponentially, organizations are feeling more pressure than ever before to identify new ways to secure their digital transactions, while still delivering a frictionless customer experience. It seems an impossible task. But is it? This InAuth Whitepaper will explore the risks and vulnerabilities related to mobile payments, mobile wallets and other mobile […]

Whitepaper: Credential Compromise: What You Need to Know About Theft, Stuffing and Spilling and What You Can Do About it

Fraudulent activity plagues businesses and end-users who transact across digital channels in increasing numbers and with increasing frequency. Aside from the hard-dollar costs involved in detecting and preventing credential compromise (or to clean up the aftermath of a breach), there are other, less obvious, but equally costly, ramifications—including the reputation of your business. This InAuth Whitepaper […]

Whitepaper: Next-Gen Biometric Authentication

Today’s username and password system is broken. But advances in biometric technology such as fingerprint recognition are seeing significant adoption rates. Organizations worldwide need new ways to protect their transactions, while still delivering a frictionless customer experience. In this Q&A style whitepaper, you’ll learn how biometrics can be deployed to replace broken passwords and help solve tough […]