Use Case: Account Opening Fraud

Digital account openings are a vital function to the lifeblood of any transaction-based company. But even the most security-conscience organizations know that the act of opening a new account is fraught with avenues for potential fraud and financial loss.

On-Demand Webinar: Aligning Security and the Customer Experience

The financial industry is dealing with the changing face of customer interactions. Consumers are expecting bank, pay, transfer via their mobile device – and they want to do all of this quickly and with the least amount of steps possible. In this brave new world of digital transactions, an elegant digital customer experience and security […]

Use Case: Strengthen Two-Factor Authentication Security with InAuthenticate

In today’s always-on, mobile-first environment, organizations are looking for the best of both worlds. They want a frictionless user experience that satisfies customers who demand the path of least resistance in completing their transactions. And they want heightened security that protects the organization, its customers, and its reputation. InAuthenticate overcomes all these challenges.

Video: mCommerce & eCommerce Overview

Watch the video to find out how InAuth can help to increase transactions, while balancing fraud risk!

InAuth allows mCommerce and eCommerce providers to increase revenue and prevent fraudulent transactions by identifying valid buyers from fraudsters.

Product Sheet: InReach

InReach™ provides enhanced device recognition solutions, helping you better identify and reach online customers.

InReach’s device intelligence solution can complement the use of 1st-party cookies or other existing ID methods, persisting longer, producing a more holistic customer profile.