Case Study: Financial Planning Firm

In this case study, you’ll learn how an industry-leading insurance and financial planning firm overcame the many limitations of its legacy browser security solution—excessive login times, customer dissatisfaction, inability to scale, and a lack of key functionality—-by implementing InAuth’s InBrowser™ solution.

Use Case: Mobile Wallet

Mobile wallets offer tremendous new opportunities but, conversely, unprecedented risks. With the successful rollout of chip and pin EMV cards throughout Europe a few years ago, and with implementation now spreading across the U.S., fraudsters are shifting their focus away from forged credit cards to new digital territory—and that includes mobile wallets. But now providers […]

Product Sheet: InMobile Biometrics

Powerful biometrics capabilities designed to authenticate users and overcome the vulnerabilities inherent in passwords, SMS, call centers and other traditional forms of authentication.

Video: Security for a Mobile-First World

Learn how InAuth’s device intelligence solutions can help your organization reduce the risk of fraud in your digital channels by authenticating all the devices transacting with your company and assessing their trustworthiness. Explore how your organization can create a frictionless user experience while protecting your digital assets.

Product Sheet: InAuth Security Platform

The InAuth Security Platform is a comprehensive suite of next-generation device intelligence technologies designed to authenticate, reduce risk, remove customer friction, and maximize digital transactions. The Platform includes solutions for devices transacting through mobile apps, mobile browser, and desktop browser.

Product Sheet: InMobile

Deep Mobile Intelligence to Authenticate, Reduce Risk, Remove Customer Friction & Maximize Transactions within Mobile Applications

Product Sheet: InBrowser

Next Generation Browser Intelligence to Authenticate Online Transactions, Reduce Fraud & Remove Customer Friction

Use Case: Account Opening Fraud

Digital account openings are a vital function to the lifeblood of any transaction-based company. But even the most security-conscience organizations know that the act of opening a new account is fraught with avenues for potential fraud and financial loss.

Use Case: Strengthen Two-Factor Authentication Security with InAuthenticate

In today’s always-on, mobile-first environment, organizations are looking for the best of both worlds. They want a frictionless user experience that satisfies customers who demand the path of least resistance in completing their transactions. And they want heightened security that protects the organization, its customers, and its reputation. InAuthenticate overcomes all these challenges.