On-Demand Webinar: Mobile Authentication—Mitigating Mobile Payments & Transaction Risk

What Your Organization Can Do to Protect Itself from Fraud & Cybercrime in the Rapidly Changing Mobile Channel. Join InAuth Chief Strategy Officer Michael Lynch, as he: Explores specific risks and exposure points in the mobile channel Explains how device intelligence and authentication technologies enable multi-factor
 authentication Shares how next-generation device security can reduce risk, […]

On Demand Webinar: New Ways to Pay Require New Ways to Secure

With mobile commerce growing at a rate of 300% and with more than half of online sales projected to be mobile-based in just a few short years, businesses are feeling the pressure to provide an array of mobile services such as mobile wallets and mobile payments to customers, yet they must simultaneously strengthen security and […]

[Whitepaper]: Credential Compromise: What You Need to Know About Theft, Stuffing and Spilling and What You Can Do About it

Fraudulent activity plagues businesses and end-users who transact across digital channels in increasing numbers and with increasing frequency. Aside from the hard-dollar costs involved in detecting and preventing credential compromise (or to clean up the aftermath of a breach), there are other, less obvious, but equally costly, ramifications—including the reputation of your business. This InAuth Whitepaper […]

[Whitepaper]: Next-Gen Biometric Authentication

Today’s username and password system is broken. But advances in biometric technology such as fingerprint recognition are seeing significant adoption rates. Organizations worldwide need new ways to protect their transactions, while still delivering a frictionless customer experience. In this Q&A style whitepaper, you’ll learn how biometrics can be deployed to replace broken passwords and help solve tough […]

[PODCAST:] How Fingerprint Biometrics Can Help Combat Fraud, Create a Frictionless Consumer Experience

With the user name/password system broken and exposed, organizations are looking to next-gen solutions to deliver a secure, yet frictionless authentication experience to consumers—and fingerprint biometrics is helping lead the charge. This podcast, featuring InAuth Chief Strategy Officer Mike Lynch, covers insights on biometrics adoption, consumer attitudes on its use, and the problems it can […]

Use Case: Mobile Peer-to-Peer

The use of peer-to-peer (P2P) payments, also called “person-to-person” payments, is growing in the US, but particularly abroad. As this form of payment continues to grow, organizations are bracing for an uptick in fraudulent activity as nefarious individuals look to exploit security loopholes in the mobile channel where the majority of these payments are occurring. […]

Case Study: Financial Planning Firm

In this case study, you’ll learn how an industry-leading insurance and financial planning firm overcame the many limitations of its legacy browser security solution—excessive login times, customer dissatisfaction, inability to scale, and a lack of key functionality—-by implementing InAuth’s InBrowser™ solution.

Use Case: Mobile Wallet

Mobile wallets offer tremendous new opportunities but, conversely, unprecedented risks. With the successful rollout of chip and pin EMV cards throughout Europe a few years ago, and with implementation now spreading across the U.S., fraudsters are shifting their focus away from forged credit cards to new digital territory—and that includes mobile wallets. But now providers […]

Product Sheet: InMobile Biometrics

Powerful biometrics capabilities designed to authenticate users and overcome the vulnerabilities inherent in passwords, SMS, call centers and other traditional forms of authentication.

Video: Security for a Mobile-First World

Learn how InAuth’s device intelligence solutions can help your organization reduce the risk of fraud in your digital channels by authenticating all the devices transacting with your company and assessing their trustworthiness. Explore how your organization can create a frictionless user experience while protecting your digital assets.

Product Sheet: InAuth Security Platform

The InAuth Security Platform is a comprehensive suite of next-generation device intelligence technologies designed to authenticate, reduce risk, remove customer friction, and maximize digital transactions. The Platform includes solutions for devices transacting through mobile apps, mobile browser, and desktop browser.