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Enhanced Device Recognition for Business Analytics

Analytics of online behavior begins with identification. By enhancing your identification ability, your business can enhance your entire analytics process. InReach™ provides enhanced device recognition solutions for businesses, helping you better identify and reach your online customers that are shopping for your products and services. InReach provides the following to be consumed in your analytics platform:

  • Persistent device identifier, InReachID™, for any device from any online channel including mobile app, mobile browser, or desktop browser.
  • Device elements including geography settings, device type, browser type, etc.

InReach’s device intelligence solution can complement the use of 1st-party cookies or other existing identification methods to produce a more holistic customer profile. InReachID™ persists longer than cookies, allowing for a more consistent view of an online user and their activity on your site and apps.

Better customer identification allows for enhanced analytics and extended opportunities to drive a consumer to transact, increasing revenue opportunities.

Layer InReach Into Your Web Analytics Platform

Associating the InReachID with your own first-party cookies or analytics-provider cookies allows for a layered approach in identifying a user’s device.

Create custom-logic in your platform, keying off of the InReachID and data elements.

Better Understand Your Online Traffic

Obtain greater insight around the types of devices that are accessing your websites and mobile apps via the online channel. InReach’s device intelligence provides understanding of the type of devices used to shop and browse online.

With InReach, your business can complete analyses and draw correlations around device types/settings and your users’ shopping behavior. Consumable device characteristics and settings can be applied to your customer and transaction data.

Unify Identification Across Your Online Properties

InReachID can be used to identify a device as the same across any website across any geography worldwide. There is no need for cookie syncing to unify a user or account ID.

Leveraging the InReachID as a primary key across your different web properties allows for a simplified identification process that can be associated with a user’s account or profile. You an even associate a user with an account if the user is not logged in.

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