InExchange is a platform of shared device profiles across many types of industries. This global Device Reputation Network enables real-time decision capability and stops fraudulent activity before it occurs by leveraging the experience of others. InExchange protects your brand and your customers by the sharing of devices with both positive and negative profiles.

InExchange solves a critical missing component of device recognition in the industry by providing insight into Device Reputation.

InExchange consolidates device information and normalized ID’s from multiple sources across many industries, including Financial Institutions, Merchants, Card Processing and Payments, and Healthcare, and makes it available to all our participants who join the network.


Our permanent mobile identifier and best-in-class browser fingerprint make matching possible across the shared intelligence network and has InAuth uniquely positioned to offer this innovative solution.


Visibility into a device’s history across industries allows your business to adjust the risk associated with that device. InExchange provides critical intelligence that can be fed into existing risk decision engines and strategies.


By increasing visibility into both positive and negative device history, InExchange creates a trusted device ecosystem and helps your business both decrease customer friction and simplify the user experience as well as better mitigate risk and stop fraud before it starts.


Device reputation may be completely unknown in situations, such as new account opening or a new device attempting to authenticate. Fraudsters may be able to compromise a consumer’s credentials and pass associated challenges, appearing as a legitimate customer on a new device. Here, any past history of the device itself becomes critically important to your business.


InExchange provides a consortium of known devices from the biggest companies in key industries, such as Banking, Payments, and Commerce. You can expand your real-time defense network and access another layer of transparent authentication that can be seamlessly incorporated into your defense-in-depth strategy and risk assessments.

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