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Best-in-Class Technology to authenticate devices through browser fingerprinting and assess riskiness of devices transacting within online channels – including mobile and desktop web.


Utilizing java script collectors, InBrowser provides device identification and risk assessment. InBrowser doesn’t just collect more data, we collect data provided to both real-time login or transaction logic, such as geographical and time attributes, plug-ins, and IP address – using the data to create a strong device ID and uncovering high-risk indicators to understand device trustworthiness.

Greater trust allows businesses to seamlessly authenticate good consumers, make more confident transaction decisions, as well as expand digital channel functionality without the fraud risk.



InAuth’s browser identification recipe determines how well devices are differentiated from each other, allowing your business to seamlessly authenticate users with less friction. InAuth leverages high-tech technology and device-specific browser identification to recognize any web-connected device and produce our unique identifier, InBrowserID.

InBrowserID minimizes collision rates and maximizes fingerprint longevity. We are are able to provide better recognition of known devices and enable reduced false positives for unfamiliar devices.



Though our risking solution, InRisk, InAuth analyzes collected data and applies unique and customizable rules to identify business-relevant risk information. InRisk utilizes customizable scoring based on the Anomalies, Velocity, Location, Integrity, List-Based, and Device Reputation.

This scoring, along with the raw data from the device, can be applied into any existing back-end system in your environment via RESTful services APIs, in order to better understand device trustworthiness and act according to your specific organizational policies – allowing, denying, or requiring additional authentication.



Having the ability to correlate data between mobile browser and mobile app on the same device on provides a more holistic view of devices. InBrowser’s Cross-Channel Binding creates a method to link our permanent identifier for mobile apps to our InBrowserID on the the same mobile device.

The result allows businesses to correlate cross-channel to the same customer and same transaction, providing greater confidence in approving the transaction and reducing fraud in the browser channel.

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