Secure 2-Factor Authentication

Current out-of-band channels, such as SMS, are insecure and easily compromised by malware or Man-in-the-Middle interception. They also produce friction for the customer and result in abandoned transactions.

InAuth’s InAuthenticate solution provides a secure means of delivering 2FA messages to a registered device through our secure Trusted Path. The message can only be delivered to the intended device and cannot be read by any other device, intercepted, or replayed.

InAuthenticate messages provide contextual verification messages approved or declined on a secure, registered device. No more meaningless six digit passcodes.

InAuthenticate is part of the business’s mobile application and is easy to register. It requires no additional download or third party SMS or email, reducing customer friction and allowing more completed transactions.

True Secure Messaging

InAuthenticate™ is protected by InAuth’s Trusted Path, complete secure path to transport sensitive information, which is signed and digitally protected against replay attacks. This is the only device in the world that can read the intended message. No interception, replay, or forward.

More Trust

The messages are delivered to YOUR branded app. This provides more inherent trust than a third-party SMS or email application.

Reduce Customer Friction

Remove the need for third-party applications and keep your customer within your business’s footprint.

Reduce Operation Costs

SMS is expensive. Reduce reliance on SMS passcodes and deliver the messages directly to your business’s app.

True Verification

Contextual messages that are approved or declined within the app. No more six-digit passcodes.

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