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Trusted Path

Secure the Biometric with Trusted Path

Unique to InAuth, is our Trusted Path security architecture.Trusted Path prevents interceptions by providing a direct, encrypted delivery of sensitive information—such as a biometric fingerprint results data—between the customer and your organization. Every communication is encrypted end-to-end, digitally signed, and protected against replay attacks. Additionally, the biometric is never exposed and has zero chance of interception or improper relay.

Secure the Device with InMobile

To trust the biometric, you must first trust the environment in which it is operating. The device using the biometric needs to be secured to ensure there is no malware, crimeware or other threats that will attack after the biometric step or seek to bypass or ignore the biometric authentication. Through integration with InMobile, our biometrics capabilities deliver the ultimate device security weapon against fraud—a trusted security token.

Analyzing up to 2000 device attributes, InMobile will permanently identify devices transacting with your mobile app and perform intensive device integrity screening including app validation, advanced malware/crimeware detection, and cloaked root/jailbreak detection to identify potentially risky devices. InMobile also leverages our powerful device analysis and risk assessment technology, InRisk®, applying customized rules to identify risk in real time and improve analytics.

Fingerprint biometric itself is never exposed

Customers’ identities are never known or seen

Zero change of interception or improper relay

Delivers highest level of protection through multi-factor authentication

Secures the biometric, and the environment in which the biometric operates

One integrated solution through one vendor