The InAuth Security Platform.

Identify. Detect. Assess.


Enhanced Authentication and Fraud Prevention for Mobile Applications


Next Generation Browser Intelligence & Protection


Device Analysis & Risk Assessment through Business Rules

When a customer accesses your mobile app or website, InAuth leverages up to 2,000 device attributes to consistently and uniquely identify it.

InAuth combs the device to detect and assess high-risk indicators that have the potential for devastating consequences. We ensure that you know and understand the trustworthiness of every device interacting within your digital channels – mobile app, mobile web, and desktop.

Greater trust allows businesses to seamlessly authenticate good consumers, make more confident transaction decisions, and expand digital channel functionality without the fraud risk.



Permanent Mobile Device Identification with InPermID

Uniquely and consistently identify and authenticate mobile devices across time, users, and apps.

InAuth is the only provider to produce a unique and permanent device ID, InPermID, for devices transacting through mobile apps. InPermID survives app uninstall/reinstall and operating system upgrades and cannot be spoofed. This allows your business to recognize and differentiate returning devices with confidence. The mobile device can act as a trusted second factor of authentication, proving “something you have”. Authenticating your customers can be done within a few steps, and risky devices can be stopped in their tracks.


Provide frictionless experiences for known good devices, leading to improved customer loyalty and increased transactions


Prevent repeat attacks from fraudsters that attempt to evade device recognition


Utilize a trusted 2nd factor authentication method, proving “something you have”


Use a reliable data point for inter-company negative list sharing


Identify Android spoofing attempts and still retain an InPermID

Browser Device Identification with InBrowserID™

Differentiate and authenticate devices transacting online

InAuth’s browser fingerprint recipe determines how well devices are differentiated from each other, allowing your business to seamlessly authenticate users with less friction. InAuth leverages high-tech technology and device-specific browser identification to recognize any web-connected device and produce our unique identifier, InBrowserID.


Minimize collision rates and maximize fingerprint longevity


An InBrowserID will always returned by InAuth – even if Javascript or Flash is disabled on a user’s device


Better recognize known devices and dramatically-reduce false positives for unfamiliar devices


Enable faster real-time transaction decisioning. InBrowserID’s are returned within milliseconds



Malware / Crimeware Detection

Fraudsters use malware designed exclusively for financial fraud to move money in real-time out of a customer’s account or steal a customer’s identity or credentials. Criminal tools, which may be legitimate applications available in the marketplace, can also cause financial harm by intercepting or forwarding SMS or email one-time-passcodes, keyloggers, screengrabbers, which can copy user’s credentials or passwords.

InAuth analyzes connected devices to detect known malicious applications as well as criminal tools, such as location spoofing and IP address proxy apps. Malware files are dynamically updated without customer interaction.

Advanced Root / Jailbreak Detection

Rooted devices are at elevated risk for financial fraud due to the loosened restrictions in the built-in operating systems controls and protections. They are also more susceptible to malware and allow the installation of criminal tools which are not available in the marketplace.

Through Advanced Root and Jailbreak Detection, InAuth protects against increasing and more complicated rooting methods used by fraudsters, such as cloaked Root where a fraudster has rooted their device and is attempting to mask it’s status.

Application Validation

Criminals are known to impersonate legitimate apps, fooling consumers into enter personal information and using it to execute transactions.

InAuth’s Application Validation confirms the integrity of your business’s mobile app by identifying potential tampering.


What does the device tell us about it’s trustworthiness?

Business Rules for Mobile and Browser

Through InRisk, InAuth analyzes collected data and applies unique and customizable rules to identify business-relevant risk information.

InRisk utilizes configurable scoring based on these risk elements and creates an overall Device Confidence Score for each device connecting to your mobile apps and browsers.

Utilizing the Device Confidence Score, your business can apply this intelligence into your existing systems and act according to your specific organizational policies – allowing, denying, or requiring additional authentication. InRisk intelligence can aid in real-time decisioning for login and transaction authentication, transaction approvals, account opening, loyalty redemption, and other transactions.

Risk flags, weight assignments, identifiers, device data, and scores are all completely customizable to your business’s logic.

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