When a customer accesses your mobile app or website, InAuth leverages up to 2,000 device attributes to consistently and uniquely identify it.

InAuth combs the device to detect and assess high-risk indicators that have the potential for devastating consequences. We ensure that you know and understand the trustworthiness of every device interacting within your digital channels – mobile app, mobile web, and desktop.

Greater trust allows businesses to seamlessly authenticate good consumers, make more confident transaction decisions, and expand digital channel functionality without the fraud risk.

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  • Provide frictionless experiences for known good devices, leading to improved customer loyalty and increased transactions
  • Prevent repeat attacks from fraudsters that attempt to evade device recognition
  • Utilize a trusted 2nd factor authentication method, proving “something you have”
  • Use a reliable data point for inter-company negative list sharing
  • Identify Android spoofing attempts and still retain an InPermID
  • Minimize collision rates and maximize fingerprint longevity
  • An InBrowserID will always returned by InAuth – even if Javascript or Flash is disabled on a user’s device
  • Better recognize known devices and dramatically-reduce false positives for unfamiliar devices
  • Enable faster real-time transaction decisioning. InBrowserID’s are returned within milliseconds



What does the device tell us about it’s trustworthiness?


Through InRisk, InAuth analyzes collected data and applies unique and customizable rules to identify business-relevant risk information.

InRisk utilizes configurable scoring based on these risk elements and creates an overall Device Confidence Score for each device connecting to your mobile apps and browsers.

Utilizing the Device Confidence Score, your business can apply this intelligence into your existing systems and act according to your specific organizational policies – allowing, denying, or requiring additional authentication. InRisk intelligence can aid in real-time decisioning for login and transaction authentication, transaction approvals, account opening, loyalty redemption, and other transactions.

Risk flags, weight assignments, identifiers, device data, and scores are all completely customizable to your business’s logic.

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