InAuth featured in The Paypers “Web Fraud Prevention, Identity Verification & Authentication Guide 2018-2019”

The Web Fraud Prevention, Identity Verification & Authentication Guide 2018-2019 covers some of the security challenges encountered in the ecommerce, banking, and financial services ecosystems. What is more, it provides payment and fraud and risk management professionals with a series of insightful perspectives on key aspects, such as fraud management, identity verification, online authentication, and regulation. The latest […]

New Survey: “Enhancing Digital Capabilities and Countering Fraud with Advanced Device Intelligence”

Financial institutions are building up their digital channels to serve customers who increasingly want to conduct business on mobile phones and online. But as the volume of digital activity grows, and as features such as digital account opening, and real-time approvals and payments become standard, financial services providers need state-of-the-art security technology to counter escalating […]

InAuth featured in Silicon Banking on Digital Account Opening Fraud Mitigation

Account opening fraud has become a serious problem among financial institutions (FIs), banks and online merchants. Growing consumer expectations for 24/7 digital access, as well as competitive pressures, have forced many organisations such as FIs and merchants to abandon more stringent manual application review processes to open accounts quickly, to generate more revenue and increase […]

InAuth featured in SC Media UK article on Security risks of wearables

Authored By: Mike Lynch, Chief Strategy Officer | November 5, 2018 Wearables have evolved past simple fitness tracking or productivity tools to becoming financial and payment vehicles which can be used to access your bank account at select banks, and even make payments in some stores. However, as functionality grows, so do the security concerns […]

InAuth featured in IT Today: Mitigating Application Fraud

Fraud takes place in many forms and in many industries, and has been rising in recent years. According to PwC’s Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey 2018, 49% of respondents said their companies had suffered fraud, up from 36% in 2016–a rise driven by rising global awareness of fraud, a more robust response rate, and […]

InAuth featured in PaymentsSource on Digital Account Opening Fraud

Account opening fraud takes many forms, from amateur fraudsters using stolen credentials to obtain credit cards fraudulently, to extremely sophisticated fraudsters using stolen identity data combined with the use of the power of bots to open accounts at a very fast rate. The best way to avoid account opening fraud is to recognize fraudsters before they […]

Find out why mobile device security is key to success of cardless ATM in this Banker Middle East article featuring InAuth’s Chief Strategy Officer, Mike Lynch

In this feature article, InAuth Chief Strategy Officer, Mike Lynch, discusses practical ways to mitigate the security risk that comes with using cardless ATM technology, including utilizing device recognition and risk assessment. Developing a mobile-specific security strategy that includes solutions to authenticate both the user and the device being used for cardless ATM access will […]

InAuth Unveils Next Generation of Fraud Fighting Tools With its Global Digital Intelligence Network, InExchange®

InExchange® to provide clients with greater confidence in deciding the riskiness of transactions BOSTON, MA, July 10, 2018 – InAuth, a leading digital device authentication company, today announced it has enhanced its InExchange® solution, a global digital intelligence network, to provide businesses with advanced insights to help them make smarter security decisions. InExchange now enables […]

InAuth featured in Credit Union Times: Cardless ATMs Innovate While Preventing Fraud

In this feature article, InAuth Chief Strategy Officer Mike Lynch discusses how the innovative new process of cardless ATM’s are creating a convenient customer experience while helping to reduce fraud. Cardless ATM’s reduce skimming and the need to carry and replace cards. However, in order to be successful, financial institutions must deploy a multi-layered security strategy […]

InAuth featured in Biometric Update: Cardless ATM-creating a secure and convenient customer experience

In this feature article, InAuth Chief Strategy Officer Mike Lynch discusses how cardless ATM processes are creating a secure and convenient customer experience when architected correctly. In 2017, many of the largest US banks began rolling out new cardless ATM capabilities. And that trend continues in 2018 with Fifth Third Bancorp, a financial services company headquartered […]

InAuth Honored for Best Mobile Solution by the 2018 CNP Awards

For the second year in a row, InAuth was honored as Judges Choice for Best Mobile Solution by the 2018 CardNotPresent (CNP) Awards. The award recognizes the solution that most effectively enables consumers to make CNP purchases using a mobile device, and includes any method that facilitates mobile commerce including open and closed wallets, apps, […]

InAuth Launches Enhanced Secure Two-Factor Authentication Solution to Help Clients Address PSD2

Newly enhanced InAuthenticate® Now Includes Malware, Root and Jailbreak Detection And Geolocation Analysis With Encrypted Secure Messaging To Deliver Strong Customer Authentication for PSD2 BOSTON – InAuth, a leading digital device intelligence company, today announced it has enhanced its InAuthenticate® solution to include malware, root and jailbreak detection and geolocation analysis with encrypted secure messaging. The […]