InAuth Featured in SecureID News on Collaboration with AimBrain

InAuth was recently featured in SecureID News discussing how they have brought together their InMobile solution, the company’s next-generation device intelligence and authentication technology, with AimBrain’s facial, voice, and behavioral biometric authentication capabilities to deliver up to 6 factors of authentication to help organizations seamlessly detect a risky mobile device trying to transact with it. […]

InAuth Featured in IoT Innovator: “Risks and Safeguards in the IoT Security Landscape”

InAuth was featured as a contributor in a recent IoT Innovator article, “Risks and Safeguards in the IoT Security Landscape.”  The article discusses how vulnerable internet-based devices—such as home security cameras, baby monitors, and even cars —are to hackers, and how the security industry is addressing this.  According to author Mike Lynch, InAuth’s Chief Strategy […]

InAuth Featured in PaymentsSource: “Consumers will drive a ‘choose your own authentication’ security model”

InAuth is featured in a new PaymentsSource article on how consumers will begin to embrace more options for securing their mobile devices, from fingerprint readers to iris scanners, and how their adoption of such options will drive stronger protection for banking, payments, and retail. Author Mike Lynch explains the importance of deploying multi-factor-authentication as part […]

InAuth Featured in Security Today Article, “A Logical Defense Against Attacks on Mobile Devices”

In a recent Security Today article, InAuth explains how pairing biometrics with device authentication is a superior way to secure mobile devices.  According to author Mike Lynch, organizations that want to deploy optimal security for their mobile channel need a multi-layered strategy that combines the right device authentication technology with biometrics in order to achieve […]

InAuth Featured In SecurityNow Article, “Digital Identity Will Drive Revenue & Reduce Risk”

InAuth was recently featured in a SecurityNow article discussing the importance of digital device intelligence to increase revenue and decrease risk. According to Chief Strategy Officer Mike Lynch, device intelligence is a key component for innovative businesses to be able to capitalize on new revenue-generating opportunities in the digital space and create the best possible […]

InAuth Honored as Silver Award Winner for Security Software Innovations in 9th Annual 2017 Golden Bridge Awards®

BOSTON—AUGUST 17, 2017—InAuth, the device authentication and intelligence experts, today announced that the company’s next-generation technology has received prestigious, silver award recognition from the 9th annual Golden Bridge Awards® in the “Security Software Innovations” category. InAuth’s technology delivers deep device intelligence capabilities to authenticate, reduce risk, remove customer friction, and help organizations around the world […]

InAuth Featured in Credit Union Times article, “Financial Institutions Battle Credential Stuffing Bots”

InAuth’s Chief Strategy Officer Mike Lynch was interviewed by Credit Union Times on a growing concern in the security sector that is affecting many organizations, especially financial institutions—credential theft.  He explains that while credential theft isn’t new, fraudsters are using more sophisticated tools and techniques to do things like credential cracking, with the bots themselves […]

InAuth Featured in PaymentSource on How Mobile Creates Opportunity and Challenges for Customer Engagement and Security

In a recently published PaymentsSource article, InAuth President Lisa Stanton talks about the tremendous opportunities that mobile technologies provide for advancing the customer experience, as long as security issues are addressed. She explains how best-in-class digital security can empower businesses to successfully fight suspicious transactions to head off fraud, while providing a frictionless experience for […]

InAuth Featured in SecureIDNews on Credential Stuffing

In a recent news article in SecureIDNews, InAuth Chief Strategy Officer Mike Lynch discusses how credential stuffing rules the day, as 90% of login attempts are no longer made by humans. He notes that organizations need to adopt a multi-layered approach to authentication, including the use of biometrics and tools to detect bots and malware, […]

InAuth and AimBrain Collaborate to Bring Six-Factor Mobile Authentication Solution to Financial Services Providers

Complementary Technologies Will Enhance Mobile Security by Delivering Multi-Factor Device and Customer Identification Capabilities BOSTON and LONDON—July 31 , 2017 – InAuth, a leading provider of digital device intelligence solutions for a mobile-first world, and AimBrain, a biometric identity technology provider, today announced they will collaborate to enable banks and financial institutions, digital wallet providers, […]

InAuth Published in SC Magazine on the Importance of Multi-Factor Authentication to Help Secure Blockchain

In a recent article entitled, “IBM or Microsoft’s Vision for ID Verification & Device Authentication?” InAuth Chief Strategy Officer Mike Lynch explains that blockchain has significant potential to reduce certain types of fraudulent transactions, but notes that whether it is Microsoft’s or IBM’s blockchain approach that prevails, the vulnerability in blockchain is knowing whether or […]