On-Demand Webinar: Aligning Security and the Customer Experience

Join InAuth and Aite Group for this on-demand webinar event and discover how to use device intelligence to compete and innovate in a mobile-first world.

The Webinar

The financial industry is dealing with the changing face of customer interactions. Consumers are expecting bank, pay, transfer via their mobile device – and they want to do all of this quickly and with the least amount of steps possible.

In this brave new world of digital transactions, an elegant digital customer experience and security are no longer mutually exclusive. Businesses must be able to give their “always on,” mobile-centric customers exactly what they demand—a fast, simplified, frictionless digital experience—while simultaneously securing those transactions to dramatically reduce risk to their organizations and eliminate costly abandoned transactions.

Join InAuth and Aite Group to explore the market trends that are impacting those in the financial space, including Faster Payments and U.S. EMV migration. Real-time risk mitigation strategies will be provided to help businesses safely and confidently handle market changes and more fully leverage the mobile channel to attract new business opportunities, drive revenue, and compete more effectively.

Mike Lynch

Chief Strategy Officer, InAuth

Responsible for leading InAuth’s new products strategy, along with developing key domestic and international partnerships.

Ben Knieff

Senior Analyst, Aite Group

Specializing in fraud detection, identity verification and authentication, anti-money laundering / Bank Secrecy Act compliance, and investigations management