ANDROID RANSOMWARE, LGEXIN MALICIOUS PLUGIN, GOOGLE PLAY MALWARE DROPPER Welcome to the latest update from InAuth where we compile recent headlines and top threats affecting mobile devices.  Here are some of the most recent highlights:   Android App for Generating Turnkey Malware Discovered Researchers at Symantec have discovered Trojan Development Kits (TDKs) that now allow […]

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InAuth Malware and Mobile Threat Update: Triada, Svpeng, SonicSpy Spyware, App

Welcome to the latest update from InAuth where we compile recent headlines and top threats affecting mobile devices.  Here are some of the most recent highlights: Triada Malware Found Pre-installed on Low-end Android Devices Researchers at Dr. Web discovered Triada malware pre-installed on Android devices and embedded in the system libraries. Triada can penetrate running […]

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[InAuth On-Demand Webinar] New Ways to Pay Require New Ways to Secure

With mobile commerce growing at a rate of 300% and with more than half of online sales projected to be mobile-based in just a few short years, businesses are feeling the pressure to provide an array of mobile services such as mobile wallets and mobile payments to customers, yet they must simultaneously strengthen security and […]

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Malware Covers Up for Summer

To most people, Halloween is the time for disguises, but this summer has highlighted the fraudster’s favorite way to disseminate malware: to disguise it as something innocuous and attractive to end-users in order to trick them into downloading it. Hiding in Legitimate Apps There have been numerous threats reported over the summer of malware disguised […]

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Build Your Own Digital Wallet – Will it “Pay” Off?

It seems that the time is now for companies to create their own digital payments application, based on some recent examples in the market. Done right, it seems the xPay competition is vulnerable to alternatives. Brands such as Kohls, Starbucks, and Walmart have seen success using new payment experiences with their applications and wallets. In […]

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Whitepaper: Credential Compromise: A Primer

Credential compromise—which encompasses the theft, spilling and stuffing of user account information—has remained the methodology of choice for committing fraud for a long time. It involves infiltrating a company’s systems, stealing credentials like email addresses, user IDs and passwords, and then either using them directly for theft or selling them on the dark web to […]

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Whitepaper: How Next-Gen Biometrics Can Better Protect Your Organization’s Mobile Transactions

The headlines blare almost daily about cybersecurity breaches, fraudulent transactions and identity theft. Today’s security professionals are under pressure on many fronts—including the vulnerability of our broken username and passcode system. That’s why advances in biometric technology such as fingerprint recognition authentication software solutions are seeing significant adoption rates. Banks, retailers, healthcare providers and other […]

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The Internet of Things is Vulnerable to Cyberthreats

It is a sad state of affairs when even your child’s teddy bear is vulnerable to being hacked. But that’s what happened earlier this year when hackers were able to gain access to 2 million personal voice recordings captured by an internet-connected teddy bear. In this particular case, voice messages recorded by parents from their […]

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